Zakynthos island, Greece

 The Ionian Islands are splendid, cinematic paradise. The waters are bluest blue, the sands are achingly silky and smooth. Everything looks heavily Photoshopped. But that's just Mother Nature, in all her unspoiled glory. Zakynthos is one of the largest of the Ionian Islands, and it's as fruitful as it is beautiful, boasting a bounty of crops like olives and grapes. Music is a huge part of the local culture—you can catch a concert or festival almost any night of the week, and you'll be captivated by the sights and sounds of Zakynthos performers.


  1. Hi there! I absolutely adore your blog! I only have one tiny correction: Zakythos is not the largest of the Ionian islands. Kefallonia is. Just as beautiful, just as magical, only a little bigger... xxx

    1. Thanks for the correction Ζαχαρωτό Μπλογκ! :)


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