Crochet Vest

 Crocheting is no longer the pastime of grandmas. This season, crochet vest is all set to be a perfect addition to your wardrobe, as it can easily be incorporated into an outfit and does not run the risk of looking as if you are trying too hard to be stylish. Whether you chose between a crochet vest in a neutral like a black/creme/white, or you want to opt for a colorful one, its all about what you pair it with. A lose fitting t-shirt or blouse will work great or you can choose a girly dress instead. Light, airy and comfortable, crochets make a perfect choice for those who want to add a hippie touch in their style.


  1. Hey! Do you have any idea were you can get a pattern from one of these? (or look-a-likes ;) )

  2. Hi! Where did you find the 8th photo down, the girl on the beach? I'm trying to find the pattern to this crochet vest so I can make myself one! Thanks!

    1. Here's the link for the photo :

  3. Do you know were I can get the pattern for the long black vest?


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