Country Villa in Tuscany

 Podere Palazzo is a unique country villa midway between Rome and Florence. Situated atop a hill with expansive views, this vacation home is surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of the rural Tuscan landscape and its oak woods, pastures, olive orchards and vineyards. The house combines the beauty of a traditional stone farm house with the best of Italian modern interior design to create a unique blend of the old and the new. 


  1. These are some amazing pictures, thanks for sharing them! It has been me and my family's dream to go to Italy because that is where my grandparents are from, and they grew up in Tuscany before coming to the United States. We have been looking at some Tuscany Villa rentals to stay at so that we can explore the town and all that it offers. From all of the pictures that I have seen including the ones posted here, it looks like a really beautiful place to visit!


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