Puerto Rico - The Island of Enchantment

Puerto Rico (or "Rich Port" as it is known in Spanish) is a self governing territory or Commonwealth of the Unites States. Commonly referred to as "The Island of Enchantment" or as "Borinquen" by locals, Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean Ocean and is comprised of a number of islands that form an archipelago, including two of its most famous islands - Culebra and Vieques. The capital and largest city in Puerto Rico is San Juan, which is also home to the world famous Bacardi rum.
San Juan 

amazing countryside

tourist village of Puerto Rico on island of Gran Canaria

Puerto Rico

 El Yunque tropical rainforest 

Vacations in Puerto Rico

El Morro

El Yunque tropical rainforest

Coconut water

Puerto Rico sunset

Convention Center

Colorful Old San Juan street

Crashboat Beach

Los Morrillos lighthouse

Faro de Rincon


San Juan

Flamenco Beach

San Juan

Palominito island 

Rainforest of  El Yunque


West point