Deep side parted hair

Wear it left, right, up, down, wet, dry, when you’re in a hurry or taking your time… Wear it if you have short hair or long hair. This youthful and yet sophisticated hair trend is the statement of 2013′s hairstyles! Experts say it’s best not to let the part go past the outer tip of your eyebrow – a great tip to prevent an overly lopsided parting!


  1. I used to wear my hair like this all the time. Now i do a more "normal" part. It's easier because I don't have to keep flipping my hair all day to make it stay.

  2. It looks super classy on women (in some cases it can make one look too conservative), but now it is really trendy on man. I think they need to be more careful than we do, I believe it works for Beckham but not for Justin Timberlake, for example. Great photos, by the way! :)


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