8+1 tips to be "A Very Stylish Girl"

Being stylish is not as simple as spending vast amounts of money on designer brands & keeping up with trends. To create your own style you just need a good eye for detail & a bit of thought. The golden rule about fashion is that it should appear effortless without seeming false or strained. If you feel comfortable & confident that’s it!
 1. Find out what fits you!

It’s very important to find that kind of clothes which ideally suit you. Don’t be afraid to try on that types of clothes you haven’t ever tried. New colors, new fashion will help you to determine your own style. Don’t limit yourself. Remember that the fashion and trendy clothes which don’t actually become you well, doesn’t worth to put on. 

2. Begin with the safe combinations

If you are not quite sure about right combinations, the best choice are classic variations: black-black, black-white, grey-white and monochrome combinations. Moreover you should check which colors and which style of clothes fit you. Besides don’t add unnecessary details to a perfect combination. When in doubt keep it simple.

3. Think impact

Always have one thing on your outfit that makes it unique. A belt, a foulard or anything you find appropriate to accessorize will make your outfit look completely different and unique. Buy more statement pieces to make you stand out rather than going for different trends to stand out

4. Maximize your assets

Think what you want to show off and what you what to hide when dressing

5. Experiments

As you reach the level when you feel confident, begin experimenting. Work out your own image by means of unusual clothes combinations. 

6. Hair

Always try to have your hair done. You don’t have necessarily to spend hours on trying as a ponytail or a bun would make you look perfect in less than few minutes.

7. Lipstick

Red  lipstick is sexy & chic! It is timeless, tested and loved! 

8. Perfume

As  Coco Chanel once said,  “A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future.”.
9. Smile

Always put on your biggest smile cause it will make you shine! 


  1. Loved your tips! Spoke to me on all levels.

  2. your tips are grat! :)

  3. Your tips are great!!! Like the dress on the last picture, where can I find it?

    1. That is a "Ace & Jig" dress (spring/summer 2012)


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