Unusual portraits for The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

A florist puts the finishing touches on a 3 metre x 2 metre portrait of the Queen made out of over 6,000 lily petals, commissioned by the Flower Council of Holland to mark the Diamond Jubilee, at McQueens florists in London

 Self-portraits by 200,000 children are projected onto Buckingham Palace to form pictures of the Queen, in the Face Britain project...

A flag with a portrait of the Queen made entirely of Lego is pictured in the window of a shop in London, ahead of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations

 Zac Kieran, 3, plays with a 60kg portrait of the Queen, made from 300 packs of Cheddar, created by food artist Prudence Staite for the British Cheese Board to encourage people to buy British cheese for their Jubilee celebrations

 The Queen has been immortalised in a portrait made of hand-decorated 2,012 cupcakes. Her Majesty's face has been portrayed in a giant artwork called 'Cupcake Queen'. Leeds-based baking brand Dr Oetker commissioned food artist Prudence Staite to create the picture to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

 Artist Terry Woodvine from Norwich has a constructed massive portrait of the Queen out of more than £2,000 in real money

Artist Jane Perkins has created three portraits of the Queen made from discarded pieces of rubbish. The triptych depicts the monarch in three stages of life: during her Coronation, Silver Jubilee and the Diamond Jubilee. Two of the portraits are seen above.

Henry Hargreaves poses with his portrait of the Queen made of toast in his studio in Brooklyn, New York

via: telegraph.co.uk