Traditional dresses of the world

A deel is the Mongols' traditional garment worn on both workdays and special days

A group of women dressed colorfully for an Indian festival.

Beautiful Bai Ethnic Minority Girls

Bolivian Traditional Dresses

Buryat Traditional Dress

Children wearing colorful clothes at the festival of Janmashtami, in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Czech Traditional Dress

Dutch Women, National Costume.

Girls in traditional dresses - Colca canyon tour, Peru

Honduras national costume.

Hundreds Of Kids Wear Traditional Costumes During Las Fallas Festival In Valencia

Kyrgyz woman wearing a traditional outfit with a bactrian camel and its calf, Kyrgyzstan

National Costume, Dominica

Three dancers wearing traditional costume, Sri Lanka

Tracht is a traditional national costume in German-speaking countries.

Traditional Armenian Costumes

Women wearing traditional costumes at Bali Art Festival, Indonesia

national dress Cinco de Mayo Mexico

national dress Ukraine

national dress of Kenya

Dressed in Kimono (traditional Japanese robe).


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