Parisian Chic Style!

So you want to dress like a fashionable Parisian? Well it's easy to pull off if you know what you are doing. Paris, as everyone knows, is the fashion capital of the world. Here's how to fit in.
1. Wear the attitude. Dress with confidence, and carry yourself proudly. Try to greet the world with a sense of politeness and calm.
2. Wear minimal makeup. Parisian women aspire to look fresh-faced and healthy, but not overly made-up.
3. Accessorize minimally. Don't wear too much jewelry. Remember: wear pearls during the day and diamonds at night. You can also wear a scarf, a cute headband, large sunglasses, or a sophisticated handbag.
4. Wear fitted jackets and coats. Trench coats, pea coats, feminine leather jackets, and cropped or fitted blazers all look chic without being fussy.
5. Wear sensible but stylish shoes. Flats, riding boots, thin sandals, and pumps are all appropriate Parisian shoes. Avoid trainers, flip-flops, or heavy boots (such as Uggs).